Becoming the ultimate partnership machine

BMW maintains its global reputation as ‘the ultimate driving machine’ through innovation and obsessive attention to detail. 

In looking to connect with high-end customers via sport, they chose us to deliver partnerships with the same originality and rigor. 

To date, we have delivered highly successful partnerships with sailing, winter sports, and running properties.  Our highly disciplined team ensures that everything is engineered with German precision, from strategic planning and contract negotiation to creative development, event execution, and ROI analysis. We make it easy for the BMW team to trust us to deliver fan experiences worthy of the brand.

At The America’s Cup, our client described our activation as “flawless”. 

We take pride in combining big creative thinking with sweating the details.  So as well as planning, building and supervising a brand space where BMW could show off it’s new technologies, we also managed the complete guest program, including coordination of a fleet of BMW cars.