Dean & Deluca Performance

Sampling at the top of the game

DEAN & DELUCA, the iconic New York food brand, partnered with us to launch a line of performance boosting Bio Nutrition bars. 

Bringing together our expertise in culinary, a Michelin-starred chef and our unique access to top athletes and sports events, the product debuted at the DEAN & DELUCA Invitational PGA Tour event in Fort Worth, Texas. 

For a high-end brand like DEAN & DELUCA, sampling thousands of products requires an obsessive attention to detail.  In this instance, we created an artistic installation that paid homage to the hero ‘performance’ ingredients at the 13th hole of the golf course. And, in record time, we also recreated the famous NYC Prince Street store on the course, an environment where our chef could engage with players, caddies and fans alike.  During the course of the event, we distributed over 30,000 samples and engaged 100,000+ fans with the highest quality brand experience.